qualityhelders-deactivated20141 asked: "i dont even comprehend what's going on with my dad anymore i think he got bailed out or smth"

Nice. What a dick.
- Tony S.

chaptain asked: "Because none of my classes are worth shit probably."

Whoah. Shit, man.
- Peter P.

qualityhelders-deactivated20141 asked: "he won't even put some lighter fluid in my zippo im like i cried for you for two hours last night AND my dog got out of her pen bc U never fixed the hole u better fix my goddamn lighter"

I’m so sorry.
- Bruce B.

qualityhelders-deactivated20141 asked: "probation people came to search our house, which is chill. they do that occasionally. except they found shit in the garage!!! i dont know what the fuck it was, but they took him in. he's back today so I guess he just spent the night. i know they found beer cans in his truck because he drinks a beer riding down the road all the fucking time."

That’s awful. I’m sorry. Are you okay?
- Bruce B.

ontinetine asked: "I was at a friend's house and decidedly *not drunk enough for their shit*."

Good. Don’t put up with them.
- Tony S.

ontinetine asked: "Actually, no. To be honest? I don't want anyone to teach me anything. I want them to be quiet and stop being racist and stop fake-shooting stuff long enough for me to not feel anxious. I'm not drunk enough for this."

Where the hell are you?
- Clint B.

ontinetine asked: "People need to fucking teach me how to do things instead of just ignoring me. Goddamn. I want to punch someone in the face."

Oh, man, don’t do that.
- Clint B.

Fuck them up.
- Natasha R.

chaptain asked: "We're supposed to be around midterms right now but nobody is really talking about them."

Really? Why not?
- Peter P.

qualityhelders-deactivated20141 asked: "GUESS WHOSE DAD IS GOING BACK TO FuCKING JAIL!!! fuck"

What happened? Are you okay?
- Bruce B.

chaptain asked: "Fall break is this weekend so I'm going home to play with my dogs and have someone else pay for food."

That’s fucking rave.
- Peter P.

It’s been a long day for Pete.
- Steve R.

chaptain asked: "How is college going for you guys?"

It’s going great!
- Nicole M.

- Peter P.

chaptain asked: "It's whatever at this point. He told me outright the other day that school and his girlfriend are the reason he hasn't been hanging out with us much. I saw him a bit yesterday after telling him I've been upset for a while. He tried to sneak up on me. It didn't work."

That’s not great. Sorry, dude.
- Clint B.

chaptain asked: "I haven't seen him much now that he has a girlfriend. Surprise?"

Now, that’s not fair to you.
- Clint B.

qualityhelders-deactivated20141 asked: "intense screaming i started the walking dead"

- Peter P.

chaptain asked: "It's okay though. He told me I'm his best friend and he's still friendly. He just brings them everywhere now so I always get to see that. Saturday night cards against humanity with our group... They're in the lineup to jump in if anyone in our pathfinder group drops out (which is a very real possibility for at least 2 people right now) so they're going to start being there every Wednesday night too."

Boo. That’s boo.
- Kate B.